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About Audio Stream Studios
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Established in 2009, Audio Stream Studios began as a rehearsal studio but a parternership quickly changed the plan to add high quality recording with a target market of local bands, voice over talent and stringed instrument repair. Fast forward ten years and we are still growing, moving forward and proud to be a part of so many success stories. In 2019, we relocated to Fallbrook and are now bringing affordable, high quality recording services to a thriving music community in San Diego.  
Our recording engineering and mixing approach is a hybrid of digital and analog. There is no short cutting quality and we utilize some of the best microphones, preamps, compressors and equilizers that money can buy, with zero latency interfaces / a/d-d/a converters, but analog summing is the glue that will make your recording stand out.
We approach tracks individually, making space in the mix for each instrument with high pass and low pass filters. We carefully utilize eq and compression plug-ins to balance each track. If an instrument isn't souding quite right, we can re-amp your performance through any number of amplifiers or replace drums tones. When we are micro adjusting the eq, we will come out of the box and in to a Great River parametric that will give us hands on control, to isolate any problem frequencies. This is the right time to hit select tracks with any production tools such as de-essers and pitch correction, followed by reverbs, harmonizers or delay. We usually finish this part of the mix with the Studer tape emulator, for warmth and saturation.
Once we are satisfied with the mix, we come out of the box in 16 stems through the converters and in to the Neve summing mixer. This is where the real magic happens. By routing in to the Neve analog hardware, your recording will saturate with the tone of the Neve's transformors as well as retaining tons of headroom. There are 3 distinct tonal characters on the Neve: Clean, Silk Red and Silk Blue. You will choose the tonal character that best suits your music. We then come out of the Neve in 2 stems, back in to the converters and in to the DAW to print.
You're ready for mastering.